Flooding swamps the region, but sun is just around the bend

A coastal flood warning remains in effect through Monday, but the wind advisory should end early in the day. The sun returns Tuesday, with but a few clouds. Until then, carry an umbrella, or a kayak, just in case. Full story

School Closings | Live radar | Road closures

Sea beans: A rare find in the Outer Banks

Terri Kirby-Hathaway's favorite treasures are sea beans, the seeds from tropical plants that catch rides on ocean currents and travel the world. Hurricanes and east winds like the ones blowing off the Outer Banks push the beans to the shoreline. Full story

"Shark Tank"-style contest provides outlet for Navy ideas

They call the competition Project Athena, but it's known to many as the "Shark Tank" of the Navy. One by one, five sailors with innovative ideas presented their creations to a panel of high-level Navy officers, all competing for a chance to get one of them realized. Full story

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Apartment project in former school building just part of Historic Kempsville's transformation

The 525@Historic Kempsville project involves converting the old Kempsville High School building into 24 apartments and building two complexes on land behind it. The one-, two- and three-bedroom units will rent for $900 to $1,600 a month. Full story

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